Getting analysis paralysis with your marketing reporting?

It's ok, we'll get you moving. 

With the changes in marketing reporting over the past year, especially with SiriusDecision's Demand Unit Waterfall, we know there was some need for clarification. We sat down with SiriusDecisions to get some answers on:

  • How are team adjusting to the new Demand Unit Waterfall? What are some of the biggest hurdles to adopting?
  • The new waterfall removes marketing and sales nomenclature for the intent of aligning the teams. What happens to the dynamic when you get into attribution reporting to measure marketing ROI?
  • There are many methods to measuring marketing attribution - first touch, multi touch. How should one determine the right fit for their organization?
  • Many teams are still relying on disparate systems for reporting and have an infinite number of data points to look at.  How do we avoid analysis paralysis and what should we be doing to make the process of measurement more simple?


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