Unlocking Data Level: Expert

Best Practices to Get the Most from Your Marketing Data On-Demand 30 Minute Webinar 


On a scale from 1 to 10, how strong is your data game? No matter your experience, watch our live  webinar on August 29th at 2pm EST to discover how to take your data management practices to the next level. 

Co-hosted by Kristi Bjornaas, Director of Marketing at ReachForce and Sean Dazet, Chief Revenue Officer at Square 2 Marketing you’ll hear transformative insights for improving your marketing programs’ ability to produce maximum ROI, such as:  

  • Establishing mission critical requirements to data management processes
  • How to audit your database and the gaps within
  • Exploring how to fill gaps within your database
  • Identify key KPIs that matter

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Co-Presented By:

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Kristi Bjornaas

Director of Marketing, ReachForce


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Sean Dazet

Chief Revenue Officer, Square 2 Marketing 


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