Real-Time, Inbound Lead Form Data Enrichment

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SmartForms works behind the scenes of your landing pages and forms to validate and enrich your leads with up to 150 structured firmographic and demographic data points. Quickly and easily plugging in to existing forms and landing pages, SmartForms:

  • Validates and appends up to 150 contact and account data points 
  • Increases the conversion rate of forms for inbound leads
  • Enables real-time lead scoring, routing and segmentation
  • Reduces cost-per-lead by shortening the lead-to-opportunity lifecycle

“Marketo Real-Time Personalization and ReachForce SmartForms are enabling us to quickly scale the demand generation engine. SmartForms helps by capturing valuable data we need about our site visitors by appending up to 100 different data points, including address, industry, and revenue. Because of this data, our lead routing accuracy improved 43%.”

– Leah Grosky, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Hortonworks