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  • Data Quality

    Just like handlebar mustaches and Doc Martens, Data Quality is actually for hipsters, even if on the surface it seems boring and utilitarian.
  • Why? Compared to the urgency and glamour of demand generation, lead scoring or the latest big data analytics, data quality seems like the nerdy cousin. 
  • However, none of these marketing techniques will be effective without a foundation of data quality, which really means no one gets to the revenue party without a ride -- and the nerdy cousin, has a really hot car, stays sober and can drive fast without getting tickets. 
  • In this webinar we'll show you how data quality is actually the program that should be getting the attention and the glory – we’ll shed some light on why data quality is an issue and how it impacts your bottom line – and can drive you to revenue faster!

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Data quality may seem like the least interesting aspect of demand gen, but expert David Raab shows us that it's the most compelling piece of the demand puzzle. 

Data Quality for Hipsters